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Interesting article on whether prenatal screening for serious diseases will rob us of our creativity.  If it turns out that the genes which make one susceptible to autism also bestow certain types of creativity then the answer is yes.

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Even more evidence that IQ has a substantial genetic component.

Real Police

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The Norwegian mass murderer dressed up as a police officer.  I’ve read about other criminals doing this.   Augmented vision technology could make it impossible to fool someone else into thinking that you are a policeman.

Imagine a future in which we all have glasses ( or VR inducing nanobots) that provide us with additional information about our environment.  It would be trivial for all uniformed policemen to have digital badges that sent out time encrypted signals which could prove to viewers that they were real policeman.

North Korean dictator mandates facelifts

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From Daily NK:

 Since the start of the 2000s, young women working in North Korean restaurants both in Pyongyang and abroad have been required to have double eyelid surgery..The reason why Kim Jong Il made the decision is supposedly connected with restaurant sales.

If it would make the waitresses more attractive and so allow them to bring in additional revenue I can’t imagine that Kim Jong-Il would balk at, say, using a retrovirus to insert cat genes into the girls.

IQ and Crime

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The study cited in this blog shows that small changes in IQ have a much bigger impact on incarceration rates than do small changes in socioeconomic status.  (Of course, having a higher IQ might just stop you from getting caught rather than reducing the amount of crime you engage in.)

If it turns out that brain fitness programs such as the duel-N-back succeed in increasing IQ then massive use of duel-N-back by students in dangerous neighborhoods might do much to reduce crime.

Quoted in the Washington Post

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Although not singularity related, my views on the budget negotiations and game theory are discussed in this Dana Milbank column.

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Competition for human actors.

A big part of choosing a career should be figuring out how AI will influence the salaries of various professions.

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