Left-wing columnist Kevin drum writes that Rick Perry is “too dumb” to win the Republican nomination.  Paul Begala, a well known democratic political consultant, writes:

Even among state representatives, even among Texas Aggies (graduates of this cute remedial school we have in Texas), Perry stood out for his modest intellectual gifts. Hell, he got a C in animal breeding. I have goats who got an A in that subject. But lack of brains has never been a hindrance in politics.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading about IQ and I find it almost inconceivable that Perry doesn’t possess a well above average intelligence because otherwise he would never have become an Air Force pilot.  Since Perry did not come from a rich or politically influential family him becoming a captain in the US Air Force must have meant he did well on the aptitude tests the Air Force gave him, and these tests were almost certainly IQ tests, although probably not explicitly labeled as such.

The Atlantic columnist “Ta-Nehisi Coates” basically wrote that it’s okay if Perry is dumb because it’s more important for a president to be empathetic than intelligent.  Since IQ is the best known predictor of job performance, I strongly disagree with Coates’ claim.  My comment to this effect seems to have been deleted from his blog.