Leiby Kletzky was an eight-year-old boy who was recently kidnapped (and later killed) in Brooklyn while he was walking alone to meet his mother.   He had apparently begged his parents to let him walk alone to the predetermined destination where the mother was waiting.

LoJack has significantly reduced the number of cars that are stolen by allowing police to quickly find stolen cars.  Unless the kidnapping rate goes way up, probably even passed the level for wealthy Mexicans, parents are not going to directly LoJack their kids.  But I suspect that the smart clothing most children will end up wearing will have the effect of them being LoJacked.  As the world becomes more wired we will probably have lots of devices on us that are continually in contact with various networks.  At this point it would be trivial for parents to quickly locate their child’s clothing, and I imagine that a relatively simple narrow artificial intelligence program would be able to figure out if someone forced a child to remove his clothing in part because children could be given a panic word to use if attacked.  Plus another program could alert parents if a child took his clothing off in a non-specified area.  Clothing that monitored body signs could also alert parents when their child came under extreme stress.  Soon technology will greatly reduce the type of horror that struck Leiby Kletzky.