Republicans and Democrats are currently conducting budget negotiations over how to handle the US debt.  While in general I think we would be much better off if more voters understood the singularity, in this instance I’m glad that any politician talking about the singularity would be dismissed as a lunatic.

The American people seem to like both low taxes and high levels of government spending on entitlements.  Alas, these dueling desires have created an enormous federal budget deficit that seriously threatens America’s long-term prosperity.  The threat is so strong that politicians might actually be on the verge of doing something to mitigate it.  The Democrats want to reduce the budget deficit by increasing tax revenue whereas the Republicans want to lower the deficit by cutting spending.  If, however, many voters believed in a coming singularity then our politicians’ budget solution would be to declare that we can run up as high debts as we want because it will be easy to repay them post-singularity.  The economic problem with this approach, however, is that government debt tends to crowd out private investment and so probably increases the time until singularity.